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Occasional image orientation problems in 2-way swap

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    Rémi Thériault

    Hey BeAnotherLab,

    When we start the Machine to Be Another software, we need make sure the two Oculus face each other for the two-way swap to function properly, i.e., so that the image from the other person’s camera appears centered in their field of view.

    If we start with one Oculus looking instead at 90° then the two people won’t be able to see what the other person see correctly.

    I noticed that sometimes when I use the positional tracking camera, if I pass between the tracker and the Oculus, then the image’s orientation for the person wearing that Oculus will shift for about 90°, and stay as such even if I move away from the tracker, and there is no easy way to put it back to normal in the middle of the procedure.

    Therefore I stopped using the positional trackers because in my current setup I often have to move in front of the positional trackers.

    However, sometimes, with no apparent reason, the image orientation will START offset (e.g., looking at the right), even if the two Oculus are looking straight at each other, without any obvious way to make it start straight. Even though I restart the software, the image always starts offset. This is problematic when seeing participants if I cannot find a fix since I may have to return that participant back home. Yet, when I tried the program again a few hours later, it was working fine again.

    Would you know anything about this issue and would you recommend any solution to go around this problem?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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