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Oculus Runtime, the Machine to be Another, and Windows 10 compatibility

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    Rémi Thériault

    I’m just sharing here again my experience with the Machine to be Another/Oculus Runtime and Windows 10 as this may save some people problems and it may get more visibility here:

    RemPsyc commented on 9 Oct 2016
    I tried installing Oculus Runtime 0.4.4 on a new (clean install) Windows 10 laptop and the computer wouldn’t get past the booting screen… I restored the computer then tried 0.7.0 as apparently, Windows only supports 0.7.0 and later versions of the runtime, and the booting problem seems to be a common one:

    With 0.7.0 I could see my screen in the Oculus but the Config Utility doesn’t support extended mode, and The-Machine-to-be-Another.exe would crash at startup. I think it’s because the Config Utility wouldn’t detect the Oculus (“HMD powered off check HDMI connection”). In the end, I tried runtime 0.5.1, and with this version, the problematic driver (riftenabler.sys file) doesn’t automatically installs and the runtime still detects the Oculus. AND The-Machine-to-be-Another.exe still works!! Thought it was worth sharing this troubleshooting. I found this thread useful to solve the issue:


    Note: Just tried runtime again on a new native Windows 10 laptop and I confirm The Machine to Be Another Software with extended mode and the computer can restart normally.

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