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    Rémi Thériault

    Hi everybody!

    I’m Rémi from Montréal! I’ve been following BeAnotherLab for like 2 years and I’ve also been trying to do a research project with the Machine to Be Another, although the process is quite long and difficult! But now I’m glad to announce that I am officially accepted into the Master’s at McGill University and that I STILL plan to do the empathy and perspective-taking research project with the Machine and the rest of the team! So now I’m getting (even more) serious about it! For now, I am still working on the optimal research design in parallel to the technical aspects of the Machine (“making everything work” as a guy with virtually no experience :P).

    Anyways, good luck everyone in your various projects and talk to you soon again!

    PS: I just found out your Facebook page as well as this forum! Great idea!



    Hey Rémi!
    Nice to hear from you again and congrats for your acceptance into the Master’s degree! We have a lot of new things to share with you, including experiments we’ve been running, and technical documentation. We are porting the software to Unity, which will hopefully make it much easier to use for newcomers.

    Take a look at the following :



    Rémi Thériault

    Thank you Arthur and the rest of the team! The first video is helpful in quickly getting a good understanding of the required material and setup, while the second video gave me good ideas regarding what participants could be doing in my experiment. I’d love to hear about the experiments you’re running and the new documentation. I’ll take this wonderful opportunity (the forum) to ask my questions as well.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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